Britax Advocate Convertible Car Seat Review

Britax Advocate Convertible Car Seat Review

When it comes to convertible car seats, it is important to find a model which is easy to install and adjust once it has been installed. You can end up wasting plenty of time buckling and unbuckling a model of the convertible car seat which is inefficiently designed.

Convertible car seats should always focus on safety above everything else, but after that, manufacturers should pay close attention to user friendliness. A lack of user friendliness is usually one of the main gripes even with better quality models of the seat which feature excellent quality and protection.

Britax USA Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat, Circa


User-friendliness can be achieved through several manners. Usually, the most common way to ensure that a convertible car seat is easy to install is to simplify the attachment process, typically using the LATCH system. Keep in mind that not all LATCH systems are built equally just because they are compatible.

Beyond user friendliness, the safety of your child is paramount, so you will want to pay close attention to included safety features with many models of the convertible car seat. The better models will typically feature unique shock resistant padding that will protect your child in the event of an accident.

In addition to providing extra protection, this cushioning will also be very comfortable for your child. This ensures that the ride will be smooth for both you and your child, especially if your child is the type to cry when uncomfortable (which is often most toddlers).

We will also look at some of the more specific features that are essential to an excellent model of convertible car seat.


When it comes to finding the right type of convertible car seat, you will want a model which is affordable. There is a fine line between a product which is cheap and a product which is affordable, however. A cheap product will typically not be as well built and may be more prone to failure. This is why a more expensive product may end up saving you more in the long run.

Britax USA Advocate


It is important to ensure that you purchase a product which is affordable yet well built. Think of your convertible car seat as an investment. Some models are designed to grow with your child, all the way from infancy up to the age of 10. You will not want your convertible car seat to fail before your child gets full use out of it.

Some convertible car seats are built well enough to be used by multiple children. Once one of your kids outgrows the seat, you may use it with another baby, should you choose to have another. This is one of the best parts of convertible car seats, as you will often not have to purchase more than one unless you have multiple children in the same age range.

About The Product


  • Can support children from 5 to 40 pounds in a rear-facing configuration
  • Can support children from 20 to 65 pounds in a forward-facing configuration
  • ​Features SafeCell shock protection
  • ​Steel frame ensures durability
  • ClickTight anchoring system is easy to install
  • Can be adjusted to 14 different positions


The Advocate ClickTight convertible car seat is manufactured by Britax, a company which strives to make the most accessible car seats on the market. When compared to seats made by other companies, you will find that Britax seats are the easiest to install and adjust.

ClickTight Convertible Car Seat


This seat is no exception to that rule, with Britax's proprietary ClickTight system being straightforward to set up. Also, it features many adjustable positions, fourteen to be precise, which is more than you will find on many other models of child seats.


Even knowing Britax's penchant for user accessibility, we were quite impressed by just how easy it was to install this model. We tried it in a variety of vehicles and the setup process usually took under five minutes regardless of the car model. If you have had difficulty installing other seats in your car, this seat will be ideal for your needs.

Accessibility is not the only feature to be lauded for this model of convertible car seat. It also have excellent safety features such as SafeCell padding. This type of padding is not only resistant to shocks and impacts but also comfortable, ensuring that your child will be content in their seat.

The inclusion of a steel frame and a base which reduces shocks will also keep your child well protected in the event of an accident. This product provides an excellent combination of user friendliness and proper accident protection.

What Others Had To Say

After looking over many reviews and customer testimonials online, we have also compiled some second opinions on the off chance that we missed something during our review process.

Britax USA Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat


Customers who have been in accidents have stated that this model has kept their child incredibly secure throughout the ordeal. One reviewer was in an accident at highway speed, and the seat remained entirely unscathed, attesting to the durability of this model.

One of the few complaints that we noticed about the seat is that the instructions can sometimes be unclear. We agree with this assessment but there is a wealth of information online about how to set this seat up, including video tutorials, so this is not a very big issue.

Our Buying Advice

This seat can be found at several online retailers such as It typically retails for around 440 dollars, which may seem pricey, but this model is well worth the cost.


If you are looking for a convertible car seat which provides a good combination of easy installation and extreme resilience, this is a perfect choice. While it may be more expensive than some of the competition, it is certainly worth the price due to the excellent build quality.

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