Chicco Nextfit Convertible Car Seat Review

Chicco Nextfit Convertible Car Seat Review

Automobile safety is one of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a car, but the quest for the safest car does not end there. There are plenty of products available that will ensure that your vehicle is as safe as possible. When it comes to having children in the car, you must make sure that it is even safer.

The best way to keep younger children safe in the event of an accident is to purchase a high-quality car seat. Unfortunately, as children grow, they will tend to grow out of traditional car seats, necessitating further purchases. If you do not fancy buying three different seats over the course of your child's growth, there is a solution.

NextFit Convertible Car Seat - Amethyst


Convertible car seats are the most versatile type of child's seat that you can find for your car. They accomplish this by being usable in both rear-facing and forward facing configurations.

Rearward facing seats are safer, so they are used for infants and babies, ensuring that they remain secure in the event of a collision. This is because rear facing seats tend to concentrate the collision forces on the seat itself and away from the occupant, which is perfect for small children who tend to have weaker bodies.

Unfortunately, when your child grows, they will no longer fit in a rearwards facing seat due to the length of their legs. This necessitates switching to a forward facing position, which is something that all convertible car seats are capable of. We will now move onto some of the more important characteristics to consider before making your purchase.


One of the most important aspects of your child’s seat to consider is the durability. In the unfortunate case of a collision, your child’s seat will be better able to withstand the forces involved without failing. An important feature to search for to ensure excellent durability is a steel frame.

Steel frame is an attractive feature of chicco car seat.


While a steel frame is an attractive feature to improve your seat's durability, it is much more efficient in combination with shock absorbing mounting points that will not transfer the momentum to the seat. A durable seat has the added benefit of likely lasting you far longer than otherwise.


Another important feature to search for when buying a convertible car seat is whether or not it is compatible with small inserts. Inserts allow you to fit an infant or a baby more snugly inside the seat without substantial room for them to move. This has the double benefit of improving your child’s safety as well as their comfort.

While most models of convertible car seat will typically be compatible with inserts, there are some cheaper models which do not feature the functionality. This is not relevant if your child is over the age of 2 years old, as they would not fit in the insert in such a case.

About The Product


  • Includes a 5-point harness
  • Includes an adjustable headrest
  • ​Includes a cup holder
  • ​Features LATCH attachment system compatibility
  • ​Washable fabric improves ease of cleaning
  • ​Choose between 9 different reclining positions
  • Compatible with a removable infant insert


The Nextfit convertible car seat is one of the best models to purchase for those new to children’s seats. If you find the thought of properly installing one of these seats to be somewhat daunting, this model is the ideal choice due to the ease of attachment combined with the intuitive layout of the seat itself.

NextFit Convertible Car Seat - Amethyst


This model is manufactured by Chicco, an Italian company with a mission to make the safest and most reliable baby and early products possible. This seat certainly proves that they take that mission quite seriously.


Thanks to the easy setup process of this convertible car seat, it is the best choice for first-time parents who have no experience with this category of product. This product is so easy to install that we managed to do it without having to read the instructions (take note that this is not recommended, thoroughly read all instruction manuals for seats such as these).

The ability to use a removable insert with a convertible car seat is no extraordinary feature, but it is welcome nevertheless, making it far easier to seat a baby or infant safely. The option for nine different reclining positions also ensures that this seat should fit into most cars with suitable space in the back.

The intuitive 5-point harness is usable in both rears facing and forward facing configurations, allowing you to keep your child as secure as possible regardless of the position of the seat.

What Others Had To Say

After scouring the internet for reputable reviews and customer testimonials, we have found some of the most relevant points.

Customers often praise the ability of this seat to recline sufficiently to fit in the back of smaller cars. Many customers report having returned larger models of car seats due to them not fitting and purchasing this model instead. Customers also praised the inclusion of easily washable fabric, making it easier to keep car interiors clean.

Child Passenger Safety.


One issue that buyers had with this seat is that it tends to get a little hotter than competing models during the summertime. This may cause a bit of discomfort for your child, but it does not get hot enough to cause concern. You can cover your car in protective gear to avoid having the sun's UV rays ruin the car seat.

Our Buying Advice

This seat can be purchased from many online retailers such as Amazon. It typically retails for around 300 dollars, which is cheaper than many models that include similar features. All in all, this product is a good deal.


If you are looking for a user-friendly convertible car seat that features mid-range pricing but high-end features, you will love this product. We hope that this review has been detailed and concise enough to provide all of the relevant information.

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